Tuesday, May 5, 2009

.....and her name is NAILA ANNA MARIE

After about an hour everyone left and it was time to decide on her name. The three we had picked out were Melina, Amaya and Naila. The middle name was already decided on: Anna Marie. Anna represents my mom's middle name, Ann and Marie represents her father's mom middle name: Marie. Marie is also the middle name of two other important women in my life, my Auntie and my foster mom Lisa. I wanted to honor the women who has shaped us. Ok back to her first name...
I kept calling her by each name and still wasn't sure which fit her best. Her daddy said Naila. and it just sounded right. The next step was how to spell it. We didn't want it to be nyla... all i see is New York Los Angeles. I knew a girl once whose name was Mai pronounced MY. I thought it was so pretty. So I suggested we spell it Naila and it is how it is done.
I think that it totally fits her.

Here are a few more photos from her birth

My baby is born

I am a little late writing my blog. SORRY AMANDA.
Here is the all the info:

On March 26th I went to the doctor for what became my last doctor visit. He said that he wanted to induce my labor due to the babies size. He tried to get me in the hospital for Saturday but I couldn't get in so I was booked for Monday at 10am. I went to work after my appointment and told them the news. I spent the next three days getting everything ready. I was scared and excited. I didn't know how everything was going to happen but all I knew is that I was finally going to meet my baby girl. Sunday night I could barely sleep. I woke up early and was sooo HAPPY. That is the best way I can describe it. JUST PLAIN HAPPY. We left my house around 8:30 and got the hospital early. My aunt showed up a little after 10am to be there with us. It took what felt forever to get me all ready for the inducing drug and they discovered that even though I was dilated 2-3cm, my cervix was too thick. I had to take a different kind of medicine to thin it out. It was given to me a little after 2pm and need 12 hours to work. My little girl wasn't going to be here till the next day. We just hung out in the hospital. My mom and her man came to visit.
I got some sleep and they came and took the medicine out and needed to wait 2 hours till they could give me the drug to induce me. However about a half hour after they took it out I started having really hard contractions. There was no easing into it. They came on strong. My water broke about an hour after that. The pain was bad and I couldn't relax to dilate so I got the epidural a little sooner than I had originally wanted to.
Once I got the epidural I was feeling good. I got some sleep. I dilated pretty quick after that. I started pushing a little bit before 10am. My baby girl was on her way.
Her dad had me laughing in between contractions and pushing. It wasn't as bad as I anticipated. It didn't get hard until her head was coming out and the doctor was trying to stretch me out. My aunt was holding my back her dad had one leg, the nurse the other and Michelle was the photographer.
My beautiful girl was born at 11:09am. She weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20 inches long. She came out with a full head of hair and the cutest little cry. I was in tears and overwhelmed with happiness and love the first time I laid eyes on her.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome 2009...the year she'll be born in


It is now 2009 and my little girl nugget will be here within 3 months. My biggest stress right now is finding a home. A safe, clean warm place to bring my little girl home in. I have to say that looking back on 2008 and all the stuff I went through, I am ready for all the exciting things that 2009 will bring. I moved back home to cali... a place I should of never left... but if I hadn't I wouldn't be having my little baby. Funny how all things work out. There is a bigger plan out there. Sometimes I get too bogged down with my stress and worry that I lose track of my faith. I am so blessed to be having my little girl. I have gone through so many emotions since learning that I was preggers. Now all I feel is lucky... like I am the luckiest girl on the planet. Everytime I feel here move (like right now), everytime I see her heart beat, and my favorite moment so far.... In my last ultrasound I saw and felt her perfectly arched foot kick me. It was so amazing to see and feel it at the same time. Such a weird thing but just incredible....absolutely incredible. She is progressing just fine. I am feeling good. Work is being very supportive. I was a little afraid being I just started in a new store with a new higher position. I have been lucky. My one and only saddness is the father not being around to experience and connect to her like I have but that is not my deal to worry about. I am going to stay on the positive side and worry about what I can control.
So soon MY DAUGHTER will be here. I can't wait.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

5 1/2 Months Preggers

Well I am getting closer and more scared AND WAY MORE IMPATIENT, in a good way. I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER.
I dream of her, what she will look like, how she will be. My dreams get more and more vivid. I hope that I am a good mother. I put alot of pressure on myself because I never want her to feel the way I did growing up.
I go for another ultrasound on 12/23. I can't wait to see her and how she has grown. I am finally feeling her move. Well it actually feels like someone is gargling in my tummy. Michelle tells me I totally look like I pregnant. I just don't see it yet. There are days when I wish I had that big ol' pregger belly and days when I hope I won't grow out of my clothes OR bra.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My First Blog

This is my first time blogging. I was inspired by Miss Amanda Banana's. In this blog, I will be writing about my baby. I call her Girl Nugget. She is due on April 4th 2009. I think she will come early but she will probably prove me wrong and come late. :)
I am excited and scared about being a mother, but mostly impatient because I really want to meet her.
I will write more later and add all my ultra sound pics.