Sunday, December 14, 2008

5 1/2 Months Preggers

Well I am getting closer and more scared AND WAY MORE IMPATIENT, in a good way. I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER.
I dream of her, what she will look like, how she will be. My dreams get more and more vivid. I hope that I am a good mother. I put alot of pressure on myself because I never want her to feel the way I did growing up.
I go for another ultrasound on 12/23. I can't wait to see her and how she has grown. I am finally feeling her move. Well it actually feels like someone is gargling in my tummy. Michelle tells me I totally look like I pregnant. I just don't see it yet. There are days when I wish I had that big ol' pregger belly and days when I hope I won't grow out of my clothes OR bra.