Tuesday, May 5, 2009

.....and her name is NAILA ANNA MARIE

After about an hour everyone left and it was time to decide on her name. The three we had picked out were Melina, Amaya and Naila. The middle name was already decided on: Anna Marie. Anna represents my mom's middle name, Ann and Marie represents her father's mom middle name: Marie. Marie is also the middle name of two other important women in my life, my Auntie and my foster mom Lisa. I wanted to honor the women who has shaped us. Ok back to her first name...
I kept calling her by each name and still wasn't sure which fit her best. Her daddy said Naila. and it just sounded right. The next step was how to spell it. We didn't want it to be nyla... all i see is New York Los Angeles. I knew a girl once whose name was Mai pronounced MY. I thought it was so pretty. So I suggested we spell it Naila and it is how it is done.
I think that it totally fits her.

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Vintage Ruby said...

you say that you named her after the women who shaped you and yet her middle name isn't bananas...i don't understand? i kid, i kid...don't forget to keep blogging sister!