Sunday, December 14, 2008

5 1/2 Months Preggers

Well I am getting closer and more scared AND WAY MORE IMPATIENT, in a good way. I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER.
I dream of her, what she will look like, how she will be. My dreams get more and more vivid. I hope that I am a good mother. I put alot of pressure on myself because I never want her to feel the way I did growing up.
I go for another ultrasound on 12/23. I can't wait to see her and how she has grown. I am finally feeling her move. Well it actually feels like someone is gargling in my tummy. Michelle tells me I totally look like I pregnant. I just don't see it yet. There are days when I wish I had that big ol' pregger belly and days when I hope I won't grow out of my clothes OR bra.

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Vintage Ruby said...

finally a new entry! how bout some prego pics so we can judge for ourselves! you're going to be a great mom, that little girl is going to have more love than she'll know what to do with! you can tell her "love you mean it", i'll let nugget in on our secret prhase... ;)